Adult Dog Behavior and Socialization

Some adult dogs and their people need extra special attention to break bad habits or to get used to new situations.  See below for some cases of common and not-so-common adult dog issues including barking, pulling on the leash, crating, and more!

The following blogs are from Cynthia D'Amour's "On Leadership and Life"


My husband and I have a 4 year old Springer Spaniel named Cody who is the apple of our eye.  However, about 2 years ago, he started demonstrating some concerning changes in his behavior such as leash aggression and anxiety around strangers and new dogs.  We had tried other dog trainers who specialized in obedience training without much success.  I contacted Julia following an internet search for local dog training professionals who focused on difficult canine behaviors.  Julia met with us and suggested that Cody spend a month with her at her home.   We decided that to give Cody a shot at being the best dog that he can be, we had to trust Julia to take him for the month.  Over the month she transformed him into a calm, peaceful and trust-worthy pet and taught us the tools we needed to maintain his new personality.   She continues to provide us with support and training on an as-needed basis which is invaluable.    While Cody still exhibits mild anxiety with new situations, Julia has taught us how to manage this anxiety and create situations for him where he can succeed.  I honestly think that without Julia, Cody may not still be with us and for that we are forever grateful! I would recommend her without hesitation for anyone who struggles with difficult dog behaviors.

Jessica Leschied


Julia was recommended to me by the nice people at the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital. They gave her glowing reviews and said she was the best in town - and boy were they right! Julia came over to our house and spent a few hours working with me and my 3 year old black lab, Lydia. Lydia had been to some basic training as a puppy, but because of her large size and high energy level I was still struggling to control her at times - especially around other dogs and when she would be introduced to new people and situations. Within the first hour Lydia was positively reacting to Julia's techniques! She helped teach me (and Lydia) how to take enjoyable walks without any tension on the leash. Lydia used to take me for walks, dragging me down the street, but now we walk calmly side by side. Julia also helped teach me how to properly introduce Lydia to other dogs, and be in control of the situation so that meeting other dogs is now a positive experience rather than a stressful one. Lastly, Julia really helped with Lydia's manners around the house. Lydia now waits to be invited up onto the couch or bed and knows she has certain boundaries - all thanks to Julia's expert techniques! Julia's methods are fool proof and immediately effective. Lydia's behavior progressed more in one morning with Julia than it previously had in the years before. 

Amelia Canham Eaton

This summer, we adopted Peanut, a two year old beagle mix from the Humane Society. The first few nights at home were quite challenging. Peanut did not want to sleep in a crate, and there was a lot of roaming, barking, and a couple of accidents on the rug. In addition, Peanut could not go for a walk without crazy, intense barking at every dog and neighbor. Exhausted and stressed, I asked our vet at the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital for help, and she recommended Julia.

Julia responded immediately, and we scheduled an afternoon for her to come to our house to work with all four of us and Peanut. I was desperate for immediate help, though, to make it through the night. As we talked on the phone, Julia came up with a great idea: she suggested I keep Peanut on a leash attached to me all night long. In reality, the leash was tied to my bed, but Peanut obviously had a sense of security with her defined space. She slept quietly in the crate with the door open, but leash on, all night--instant success! Within a few weeks, Peanut was sleeping in the closed crate, and we didn’t need a leash at night anymore.

When Julia came to our house, she taught all of us how to walk Peanut. The way we hold the leash, make corrections, and even go in and out the door all send signals to Peanut that we’re the leaders. Now Peanut is starting to understand that she does not have to be in charge and bark at everything. The walks are pleasant and fun, and you can see that my kids are comfortable walking Peanut, too.

Julia is passionate about helping people and their dogs. She is so responsive and caring. She wants you to succeed, and she works extremely hard to be available, especially if you’re struggling. When things start to fall into place, she makes sure that you feel pride in your own hard work.

I think one of the greatest things Julia taught us was the importance of being calm, confident leaders to our dog. Peanut needed structure, and as soon as we started providing it, we could see positive changes in her behavior. With Julia’s help, we feel like we are doing what’s best for our dog and what’s best for us. We can wholeheartedly recommend Julia! 

Ellen Lynch

Julia has made such a difference in our lives as dog parents.  Before Julia, we were anxious, nervous and insecure as dog owners.  Our 1.5 yr old Westie Mix, Ringo, was rescued in February and in three months we can already see he is a changed dog.  Julia has taught us patience, discipline, and how to be calm and assertive leaders.  Ringo still has his moments and tries to get away with things, but he listens better and is a lot more calm.  When we walk him, he knows we are his leaders. When we tell him to get away from the door, he does.  When we block his energy, so he wont jump, he doesn't jump.  He isn't perfect, but has come such a long way!  Our work with Ringo is never done and we know we couldn't have come this far without Julia!!  We would highly recommend Julia to other dog owners.  She goes the extra mile to assure that your questions and concerns are addressed.
Thank you Julia!  

Shelly, Doug and Ringo Migora