Julia Levitt Dog Training

For many years Julia has trained dogs in the obedience ring -- from basic obedience to CD title to the most advanced Utility Dog level.   She also has extensive experience in training horses using a "natural horsemanship" approach.

Julia's personal story -- On Becoming a Dog Whisperer -- was featured in the Crazy Wisdom Journal.


Now Julia focuses on helping dogs to be well-behaved at home and in the neighborhood.   She helps dog owners to provide calm, assertive leadership for their dogs.

Julia was fortunate to receive advanced training from Cheri Lucas -- master dog trainer and close associate of Cesar Millan -- the Dog Whisperer.


Julia walking Cheri's pack of six dogs.  Click here to see a video of Julia walking the pack of dogs!

Julia and Cheri Lucas

Julia and Glory

Julia's Dogs Through the Years