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January 23, 2014:  National Walk Your Dog Month

January 10, 2014:  National Dog Training Month

October 21, 2013:  Toy breeds can be great dogs -- if you give them what they need

September 5, 2013:  Understanding, then identifying differences between shy and nervous behaviors in dogs is crucial in helping them

May 21, 2013:  Fearful dogs who bite must have their confidence built slowly by calm owners

April 8, 2013:  What are the traits of a great dog trainer?  Good listening skills top the list

March 5, 2013:  Dogs are mirrors:  Calm non-verbal communication can lessen behavior problems

February 4, 2013:  Small dogs can be trouble to train, but proper socialization is key

January 10, 2013:  You can put the treadmill in the basement to use as an exercise tool for your dog

December 20, 2012: Calmness is key when introducing a new dog to your family

November 20, 2012: Fostering a dog before you adopt may help you decide if a breed is right for you

Oct 31, 2012: Body language is a powerful but often misunderstood tool for dog training

Oct 11, 2012: Those who don't follow leash laws can cause problems for law-abiding dog owners

Sep 11, 2012: How to train dogs to stay calm and quiet, even when traveling

Aug 29, 2012: Senior dogs face challenges, but an understanding owner can help them age gracefully

Aug 15, 2012: Tips for helping a reluctant dog overcome the fear of water and learn to swim

July 30, 2012:  Dog walking tools like the e-collar can help, but they don't replace appropriate training by a dog's owner

July 11, 2012:  Dogs need time and practice to build social skills with people and other pets

June 26, 2012:  Engage your dogs in socialization activities to avoid boredom and behavior problems

June 14, 2012:  Dog crates and the 'place' command are useful in preventing canine shenanigans

May 29, 2012:  Should you allow your dog on the bed?  The answer depends on the pet's overall behavior

May 14, 2012:  Dogs as mirrors of ourselves:  Owner's calm attitude helps reduce anxiety for canines in unfamiliar public situations

May 8, 2012:  Confident non-verbal behavior helps you establish yourself as pack leader for your dog

April 20, 2012:  Patience and persistence are needed when welcoming a new dog with behavior problems

April 9, 2012:  Know the signs of animal cruelty, and understand what you're getting into when you adopt an abused dog

March 21, 2012:  Don't allow distractions to erupt into fights when walking your dog

March 15, 2012:  Teaching your dog to 'come' when called is an essential skill that will be a benefit for life 

March 2, 2012:  Creating order, building trust are key in dog training

February 21, 2012:  Best way to quell a dog's bad behavior?  Train yourself first

February 7, 2012:  An unruly dog who thinks he is boss of the household needs training and structure

January 24, 2012:  Toy breeds can be easy to underestimate, but these dogs have abilities similar to those of larger breeds

January 13, 2012:  A little thought and creativity in choosing toys and activities for your dog can enhance good behavior

January 5, 2012:  Adopting an adult dog from a shelter or rescue can be successful if you ask yourself hard questions first

December 29, 2011: Clear and consistent training with puppies can help avoid serious problems

December 22, 2011:  Understanding non-verbal cues from dogs can help them work through anxiety-based behaviors

December 14, 2011:  Dog trainer Cheri Lucas:  Owner's calm attitude, regular exercise can combat separation anxiety

December 2, 2011: Bringing a new pet into your home as a holiday gift can be a recipe for separation anxiety

November 16, 2011:  Is there a right way and wrong way for dogs to greet each other?

October 21, 2011:  More on kids and dogs, and comments from readers

October 10, 2011:  Kids must be taught the right way to approach an unfamiliar dog for the first time

September 28, 2011:  Can't teach an old dog new tricks?  Not true -- your pet can learn better manners and new skills at any age

September 27, 2011:  Pet peeves

September 14, 2011:  Obsessive-compulsive behavior is common in dogs, and understanding the root of the problem is crucial

September 8, 2011: Choosing the right breed

September 6, 2011:  Bike riding with your dog is a great way for both of you to get exercise, but is it right for them?

August 15, 2011:  Dogs who counter surf need another job

August 4, 2011:  Walking your dog on a leash properly takes the right tools

July 25, 2011:  July is Dog Training Month:  What will you challenge your pooch to do this month?

July 15, 2011:  Questions to ask yourself before adopting or rescuing a dog

June 7, 2011:  Excessive barking due to separation anxiety can be daunting, but a simple approach might help end it

May 7, 2011:  The Human Stability Quiz:  How to look at life from your dog's point of view

April 25, 2011:  Your pet will be happier when you learn to be the "Alpha Dog"