Children and Their Dogs

Everyone in the family should be able to live in harmony with one another.  See below for some comments from families whose children had a special role in training their dogs.

We began using the techniques Julia showed us because they were so easy.  We saw positive changes in our dog immediately.  Our expectations were surpassed.  For example, our dog used to climb on our living room window seat and bark at other people and dogs walking down the street.  My husband was at his wits end with all of the noise and commotion.  Literally after the first session with Julia, our dog calmed down and stopped barking, except for an occasional small growl.  Our house has more peace, quiet and harmony since Julia started helping us.  

Lisa Abrams



     Mose likes to steal cheese from the kitchen counter.  Julia demonstrates using calm, assertive energy to teach Mose to stay away from the counter.  Then Sarai does the same.


Eli and Caleb are fast learners -- and so is Mose!

Mose is a 6-month-old German Shorthaired Pointer, our family’s first dog.  Before we started working with Julia, we had attended one local class and taught Mose some basic commands.  However, as Mose had grown in size and power, he was becoming hard to control around food, on walks and when greeting people.  He also had developed a habit of taking and chewing on clothes and shoes.

Over just a few sessions, Julia taught us how to communicate to Mose about the dividing line between his and our space.  After just the first session, Mose stopped jumping up on the table when we sat down to eat.

Julia also worked with us on walking Mose so that he didn’t pull on the leash. This is very important to me, since I plan to take Mose on long runs.  We now employ Julia’s special techniques every time we take Mose on a walk and no longer come back with aching arms!

We also loved that Julia was so attentive to the relationship between our children, ages 11 and 8, and Mose.  She worked patiently with both of them and gave them the confidence and skills to work with him on their own.

I was also impressed by Julia’s commitment and responsiveness.  Whenever I emailed her with questions, she got right back to me with ideas and then followed up several days later to make sure our issues had been resolved.  With one question I had (how to stop Mose from barking in his crate while we are eating dinner), I remembered thinking to myself – what can she possibly say?  But she did have great advice, as usual.

Julia truly has a way with dogs.  She understands and respects them, and they respond accordingly.  We would recommend Julia to people who are seeking anything from basic training to serious behavior modification for their dogs.  

Sarai Brachman Shoup