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Julia has the power --- the power of calm!
Mary Wakefield


We’ve managed to work through many of the issues we struggled with initially. Oliver is now out of the crate, nicely behaved in the house, and seems to be far less stressed than when he spent time in the crate. So far, so good. As you’ve said, he’s a good dog and eager to please. I wanted to thank you for your help in getting Ollie through his separation anxiety. All three Taylors seem to be relaxed and happy together these days. The crate is back in the garage and our house is clean. He’s really turned out to be a wonderful companion, just as you said he would. None of this would have been possible without you. Thanks so much for your help.

Brad Taylor


                   Jess and Logan getting some exercise

Jess and Logan receive their graduation diploma!

To be quite honest, at first I was skeptical that anything, including professional dog training, could get my dog Logan to stop barking when people approached my door or walked by my house. This behavior was driving my graduate student housemate insane, and she begged me to get a muzzle (!) to put on Logan at night so that his barking would not disturb her. I was very reluctant to do this, and thankfully I met Julia before I had to resort to extremes that probably would not have been effective anyway.

I met Julia by chance, and I know that it was fate that brought her talent and expertise in dog behavior to share with Logan and I just in the nick of time. I was helping her with a new bicycle, and she mentioned to me that she was a dog trainer. My ears perked up, and I told her my housemate was fed up with my dog barking at strangers, and she nodded with a smile and confidently told me that this could be easily corrected. She mentioned that it would be fun for both myself and Logan, and immediately I was curious to know what SHE knew (that I didn't) that could help me. So, I took her cute In Harmony business card and made an appointment to meet with her. 

I was blown away after our first session, and realized that I could really tackle the whole list of behavioral issues that have caused stress and turbulence in my living situation, not just the barking. It was as if Julia knew "Dog Language" and Logan just immediately understood. After years of trying to "happy-talk" and ineffective commands in attempt to calm my dog, I finally had a tool to fix my problem. The problematic barking is gone, and my relationship with my housemate improved. After just one session!

Now Julia is giving me the tools to help with Logan's other issues, including meeting stranger dogs properly, riding in the car, and chewing. Logan now respects me as a leader and I know how to calmly assert myself to establish this, which truly affects the WHOLE picture. He even walks calmly by my side now instead of pulling me forward on his leash. I can even take bike rides with his leash in my hand. I have seen a HUGE improvement with these issues in an amazingly short amount of time. I can't believe how well Logan gets it! I just needed to know how to get out of my human logic, and communicate with him in a way that he understands. 

"In Harmony" is exactly how I feel with Logan now. Well done, Julia.   

Jessica Bratus 



Our beagle, Scout, has never had obedience training.  We thought he was a pretty good dog, but there were a few "flaws" that we still wanted to work on.  What Jonathan and I thought were big problems with Scout, Julia didn't feel were much of a problem at all.  Scout had a habit of wanting to meet people at the door when they came over.  He would jump on them.  We didn't really know that he just wanted to say "hello" and get some petting.  Julia showed us to walk toward him with authority to stop him from jumping.  We also let Scout know that he needs to respect our "bubble" -- an area around us where he's not allowed until we invite him in.  Scout is learning to respect our space and waits for us to let him in.  Amazing!

I was very concerned about Scout's separation anxiety which he has had since we first brought him home.  When Scout was left at home alone, the neighbors said that he would howl and bark all day long.  When Julia came the first time she kept talking about walking Scout; how to do it just this way; how often to walk him and for how long.  When I asked again about his separation anxiety, she would kind of off-handedly say "We'll see about that."  Julia showed us techniques for walking Scout so there was no pulling or running.  We had never taken Scout on walks before, so this was something new to all of us.  About four or five days into walking twice a day, I was getting ready to leave for work, and Jonathan had already left.  Scout usually went to the door or the window right next to it and started whining and barking right away, but on this particular day Scout was lying on his bed in the kitchen.  I went to the door, opened it, and Scout was still lying on his bed.  He never came to the door, whined, barked, or anything.  I was so flabbergasted!  Julia had said that the dog knows you are going to take him for a walk, and when you come back he's going to get another walk, and that alleviates all of his anxiety about separation.   Who would have thought!

We enjoy walking with Scout now.  Scout doesn't tug on the leash or walk in front of us, and he doesn't go pulling on the leash when he sees people or other dogs.  Julia has taught both of us a lot in just a couple of sessions.  She is very patient and very supportive and seems to know a whole lot of tricks of the trade that make her a fabulous, knowledgeable, and patient dog trainer!  We are very happy that Julia was recommended to us.

Barbara Swinton


Dad demonstrates calm, assertive leadership         Alex blocks Tramp from going out the door                    walking Tramp                                                                   using just his energy 

  Ryan tells Tramp it's time to exit              Tim helps Connor                          Connor helps Julia u                                                                                              


          Tramp's first steps on the treadmill.                              Now he's getting it!


 Both of my dogs were having accidents in the house.  I clean up after dogs all day at an animal hospital, so I don't want to come home and clean up there too!

It is amazing what a little bit of exercise will do for a dog. No more accidents! -- Anne Clark