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Julia will open her home to some dogs that could benefit from extra attention.

Your dog will live with Julia for four weeks during which time Julia will learn all about your dog.  Julia will work with your dog each and every day to master daily routines, practice new commands, and address behavioral concerns.  When you and your dog are reunited, Julia will guide your through the training and commands your dog has learned and practiced!

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Julia has proved that she really knows how to train a dog with a calm, assertive, and positive attitude.

Julia with Cosmo and a friend

I would like to write this testimonial commending how pleased I am about the results of training with Julia Levitt. Julia has proved that she really knows how to train a dog with a calm, assertive, and positive attitude. I have a 9 yr. old Havanese boy -- Cosmo -- who lives with 6 other Havanese which are all family. He is a bright boy who really needed a job to do, as he was chewing his leg for no apparent reason plus he would constantly bark at me with excitmenet. Julia suggested he might need a job as he was bored. I started walking him each day and he loved it. Leg chewing stopped. I gave him to Julia to stay at her house and she worked with him at her house. He responded very quickly to her commands and she said he was a bright little boy who learned very quickly. I now have a boy who watches me for every move and continues to wait for the commands which Julia has taught me. Julia is a wonderful positive person who really knows how to command the best aspects that your dog has to offer. Thank you so much Julia. You have made everything with my dog so much better and the most important aspect is you have taught me that you don't stop working with your dog when he comes home. I believe that is the most important issue which Julia instills in the dog owner.

Bobbie Mann


Now we have Boston Version 2.0 who is calm, well-behaved, and a pleasure to be around

Boston, our three year old German Shepherd, was getting to be too unruly for us to handle. He would bark and lunge at any dog, squirrel, or plastic bag blowing in the wind on our walks; and being such a strong dog, he had pulled both of us off our feet more than a few times. But this didn't only happen on walks - he would constantly stare out the back door waiting for something to bark at. And once he "saw red," as we came to call it, there was no way to get him back.

To be honest, we were skeptical of the idea that anyone who hadn't spent the last three years with Boston would be able to understand, let alone start to fix, our complicated canine. The moment Boston met Julia, though, we could tell that if anyone could do it, it was her. "In Harmony" is more than just a name - it's Julia's entire way of being. In a matter of minutes, Boston had gone from barking and running around anxiously to laying calmly at Julia's feet as she sat on our sofa and chatted with us about our options.

Boston stayed with Julia for three weeks in her house learning her way of being. We visited him weekly - each time more impressed and excited than the last. When Boston came home to us, that's when the real work started! We knew that we had just as much, if not more, to learn from Julia than he had. Julia set right to work helping us learn the tools we needed to keep Boston's level of anxiety down and his obedience up. And any time we run into a behavior that we're not sure how to deal with, we know that Julia is just a phone call away.

Now we have Boston Version 2.0 who is calm, well-behaved, and a pleasure to be around - the first three years were just the Beta Test!

Casey Herman


Ivy is an energetic puppy who learned to be focused, attentive, and calm!

A comment from Nancy Kupina (Ivy's Owner):

"Julia's services are as valued, by my family, as a great pediatrician, teacher or therapist.  Each of these professions help to educate, guide and reassure, which makes our lives more comfortable and enjoyable.  Julia has done just that.

Our beautiful and highly energetic puppy, Ivy, joined a family of 3 busy boys, a traveling dad, a mom with a big "to do" list, a middle-aged Beagle and two cats. On first glance, it would seem that we would be naturals at raising Ivy. She was our 6th dog in a space of 20+ years. At one point, we had 4 dogs living in our home at the same time. However, Ivy's breed arrived with significantly more energy than we had ever experienced before and at a time that our family was busier than ever. This much anticipated, adorable little puppy, very quickly, became an adorable BIG puppy that was bouncing over furniture, terrorizing the cats, surfing the kitchen counters and enthusiastically exercising her puppy teeth on the kids and unsuspecting Beagle. As you might imagine, those unappealing attributes, soon, began to overshadow her adorableness. After researching, saving our money, waiting for her birth and weaning it seemed explicable that we might be entertaining feelings of "buyers remorse".

Enter Julia Levitt's In Harmony Dog Training.  You know how good mothers advise their children that "Things happen for a reason"?  What seemed like a setback with a cancelled puppy class, turned into a semi-private, home-based lesson.  After 4, 1hr long sessions, we could see how Julia approached training and how well Ivy responded to her expectations.  We had an understanding of what it took to help Ivy gain self control, confidence and find a more appropriate status in the household.  Perfect.  However, as time told, we were simply not using the tools with enough frequency and consistency that Ivy needed.  This smart and loving dog was falling victim to a household that was constantly coming and going and, simply put, pretty inconsistent.

On one of my frequent jaunts to some one's lessons, it finally began to become clear to me. Heavens! Training my children to pick up their socks and put away the milk is still a work in progress - even after, what seems like, endless repetition. If I didn't get real help, I was going to have a long-lived (God willing), gorgeous, highly obnoxious dog. I had recalled Julia mentioning that she offered a 3 week, intensive, training program where she took your dog into her home. When I first heard that, I thought, 1.) Who would pay that kind of money and 2.) How could anyone let their sweet "baby" leave the only family they have known for 3 weeks?! I knew I needed help, but I felt unsure and uncertain. So, I called Julia and we talked. I asked many questions and Julia asked if she could take Ivy just for one day. Upon picking Ivy up at the end of the day, Julia reassured me that Ivy was a very trainable and a wonderful dog that wants to please. I took her home and thought about it. I realized that, indeed, Ivy was a good dog and we were doing her a terrible disservice by making her seem difficult and unruly. I thought about the cost and then considered the value of having the kind of dog we all pictured having. When you think about it, it was less than the cost of our cell phone plan for 1 year. And, really, what do we have to show for that?

At first, my family was upset with me and thought I was being so mean to send Ivy away. Thankfully, I'm a mom and have grown a thick skin! It wasn't long before they grew comfortable and discovered that Julia was a very loving person that had made it her life's calling to help dogs and people live in harmony. While Ivy was at Julia's, our house was relaxed and peaceful. The cats came out of hiding and the baby gates were taken down. Not as bad as we all thought, embarrassingly as it is to say. Julia made the transition very easy, by sending daily updates and pictures of Ivy. We all enjoyed them and looked forward to the next installment. But still, I was worried that Ivy was thinking that we had abandoned her. Then, after 1.5 weeks, Julia had an unexpected event that required Ivy to come home for a long weekend. We were amazed at how much she had learned and how much calmer she was within such a short time frame. But what was really surprising was what happened when I took Ivy back to Julia's home, where there are strict rules and expectations. I imagined dragging Ivy into her house and her wanting to go back with me - you know, the sad goodbye that mom's often experience when leaving a young child at daycare. But, surprisingly, Ivy couldn't wait to get from the car into her home! She greeted Julia with only the enthusiasm of a dog who was greeting a friend. Right then and there, I knew Ivy was happy to learn and that it wasn't seen as a punishment. She was happy.

Well, suffice it to say, we have not regretted the decision to hire Julia to train our puppy. Ivy arrived back to the same home with the same crazy schedules. However, what was different was that she also came with a menu of commands that she understood. And these commands were tailored to our family's needs. We were all trained about what Ivy knew and how to utilize her newly learned skills. We had a basis to work from - we all knew the right language and appropriate expectations. This was huge! My children were able to learn to say and use terms, such as, "Off", "Come", "Sit", "Place", "Stay", and "Down" and the all important "Leave It". And Ivy knows what what those things mean, because she had intensely practiced them 24/7 for 3 whole weeks with someone deeply committed to the job. She also mastered the important skill of not being fearful of noises. I couldn't believe that Julia was able to help her with that, but she sure did.

Now mind you, Ivy is still just a baby. She is a work in progress - just as my children are, and really, frankly, me too. We all are. The value of having someone, like Julia, train your puppy in an intensive program is enormous.  Instead of getting frustrated or mad at Ivy, we just use our "tools" and reinforce what Ivy has been learning. Just like my kids and their socks....well, they still need reminding. But I have to say, that Ivy has learned faster and responds more favorably than any child I have ever raised, God love them.

In closing, let me just say, Julia's services don't just stop at 3 weeks of training. Oh no, you got her for life. She is just a email or phone call away - she is dedicated to you and your dog. It is her passion and, importantly, her character. So, you can see why I say that Julia is as valuable as a great pediatrician, teacher or therapist. She really is."


Delta focuses her energy on the treadmill and kicks her toilet paper shredding habit!

Thanks to Maxine (Delta's Owner) for the update! "Last night she got a little rambunctious and we put her on the treadmill for five minutes and she calmed right down to her sweet self."

When Delta came to In Harmony, one of her favorite things to do was to pull toilet paper off of the roll and chew it. After channeling her energy and keeping her busy, as you can see, Delta is now completely uninterested in shredding toilet paper!